Model Forms

The ISP98 Model Forms have been described as the most practical tool available for standby LC practice. They were designed by a team of standby bankers and attorneys and are aligned with ISP98, the most widely used rules for standbys.

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Standby &

Demand Guarantee

Do you use UCP, ISP, and URDG for standbys or demand guarantees? Do you appreciate the differences between the rules and the relative risks in moving from one to another? This book details them in a practice-oriented fashion.

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About Us

The Institute of International Banking Law & Practice, a non-profit educational and research organization based in the United States, sponsors projects, programs, and publications intended to harmonize letter of credit law and practice.

Since its formation in 1987, the Institute has been a leading force in the LC world. With a range of publications on LCs, standbys, and demand guarantees, as well as commercial fraud, the Institute offers extensive resources in trade finance.

The Institute also regularly brings together leaders of the letter of credit community from banks, law firms, regulatory agencies, importers, exporters, and third party intermediaries in interactive forums around the world designed to foster and promote the exchange of ideas.


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