UCP600 is Here to Stay – Now What?

UCP600 Revision Off the Table

It is no secret to the trade finance community that the Uniform Customs and Practices (UCP600) won't be revised anytime soon. The ICC Executive Committee released a paper over six months ago detailing the results of votes held with National Committee members in...
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FinCEN to Amp up Info Sharing with Program Launch

FinCEN to Bolster Public-Private Cooperation

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury, has taken a major step toward strengthening public-private partnership in efforts to combat financial crime with launch of FinCEN Exchange.

“FinCEN Exchange will bring together...

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eUCP Revision, eURC Process Temporarily Paused

trade finance_LC_Guarantee

November Update on eUCP and eURC

At the ICC Banking Commission meeting in London on 8 November, an update was given on the progress of the ICC Banking Commission’s Digitisation Working Group, including an initiative underway to draft an update of the existing eUCP...

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Back to Back LCs & Money Laundering

trade based money laundering

Back to Back LCs seen as Money Laundering Tool

DCW reports in the current issue that so called "back to back LCs" are increasingly being used in money laundering and terrorist financing schemes. Reporting from a recent AML, Compliance and...
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DCW’s Presents: LC Statistics

LC Statistics Spotlight

DCW LC Statistics Each year, DCW produces quarterly LC statistics, displaying and ranking commercial LC, Standby and Guarantee activity for US banks and Non-US Banks with domestic branches. Using these statistics, we've put together a series of graphics depicting two different sets...
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Authenticated SWIFT Messages in LC Transactions

SWIFT Messaging

Key Court Case for SWIFT Authentication in LCs

The subject of extensive discussion at the recently concluded 2017 Americas Standby & Guarantee Forum in New York City, the 2001 case of Industrial & Commercial Bank Ltd. v. Banco Ambrosiano Veneto S.P.A....

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Hold for Value – Financial Guarantees

hold for value

Hold for Value – What Does It Mean?

Hold for value requests, also known as ‘extend or hold for value’ or ‘pay or hold for value’, allow the beneficiary to avoid making a drawing on the guarantee or counter guarantee, serving...
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European Banks Sign Deals with Iran, Suggesting More Will Come

Iran Sanctions

US Sanctions Typically Keep Banks Away

While most banks typically shy away from doing business with Iran for fear of contravening US sanctions, Austrian Oberbank and Danish Danske Bank have reportedly signed deals with Iran for lines of credit.

New Lines of Credit

According to Reuters, Oberbank’s...
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