Banks: Get Your House in Order to Meet Compliance Challenges

When coping with compliance quandaries, banks can create inadvertent and unnecessary pressures on themselves. Shifting external threats and evolving regulatory requirements are unsettling enough. Banks should not compound these problems by neglecting matters that they can control. At last month’s Trade-Based Financial Crime Compliance...
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Wolfsberg and Other Wheels in Motion

So far 2017 has given way to a breadth of new information regarding compliance in trade, and more specifically in trade based financial crime. Highly anticipated compliance guidance for trade transactions hit the web and email inboxes in late January when The Wolfsberg Group, ICC, and...
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Notes from ICC Technical Meeting in Rome

  45527418 - roman ruins in rome, italy The ICC Banking Commission Technical Meeting took place in Rome from 7-9 November, 2016. Your voice from the ground floor, DCW will be filtering through the information from the meeting to bring you key takeaways in the upcoming Nov/Dec double issue. In the meantime, here are...
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ICC Draft Opinion Updates from the Rome

  45527418 - roman ruins in rome, italy DCW is reporting from the ICC Banking Commission Technical Meeting in Rome on 7-9 November. The Draft ICC Opinions panel met yesterday (Wednesday, 9 November) and as usual produced spirited conversation amongst participants. Some noteworthy takeaways from the 14 discussed Draft Opinions...
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Standby LCs and Hard Rock Mining

28371516 - mining cart in silver, gold, copper mine

What do the two have to do with one another? 

On 12 January 2016 the IIBLP accepted an invitation to attend a meeting with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to discuss the use of letters...

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Premium Content from May DCW Issue

DCW Logo HQ larger First published in 1997, DCW is the longest running trade finance publication, relied on by more than 1,100 specialists worldwide. With a global advisory council and a rotating cast of prominent contributors, DCW keeps you in the know on the issues that matter...
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Recent ICC Opinions

Some of the Answers Only Prompt More Questions

The intent of ICC Opinions is to address queries received from ICC National Committees and respond with a carefully worded analysis and conclusion that will benefit and guide the international banking community. Often, this goal is achieved. In other instances, Draft Opinions...

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Trade Based Financial Crime Regulations Workshop

CoverTBFC Workshop Brochure

The Institute of International Banking Law & Practice is proud to announce a timely series of workshops in 2016 on Trade Based Financial Crime Regulations.   As the leading force in letter of credit, standby and guarantee law and practice, as well as commercial...
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