Trade Based Financial Crime Regulations Workshop

Crime Regulation Workshop


Trade Based Financial Crime Regulation Workshops

The Institute of International Banking Law & Practice is proud to announce a timely series of workshops in 2016 on Trade Based Financial Crime Regulation.

IIBLP is the leading force in letter of credit, standby and guarantee law and practice, as well as commercial fraud. With this expertise, IIBLP is bringing Trade Based Financial Crime Regulations to select locations across the world, and bringing together bankers, regulators, lawyers and other trade professionals to address critical issues.

The conference will begin with an introduction to financial crime and international trade transactions. Topics covered will include trade instrument controls, and commercial fraud, such as ponzi schemes and maritime scams. The workshop closes with discussions on money laundering and prevention, counter terrorist financing, weapons of mass destructions, and sanction regimes.

Join us at a workshop near you to discuss these trends, problems and solutions for the future!

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  1. Sir/Madam,
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    • IIBLP

      While we are sorry for your loss, we do not conduct investigations. We suggest that you consult the commercial attaché at the Swedish embassy who may be able to assist you.

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