Customized Seminars

Customized Banking Law Seminars & Training

The resources of the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice and its Director, Professor James E. Byrne, are available for customized banking law seminars and executive briefings. These customized seminars may range from training in the basics of standby letter of credit practice to protocols under ISP98 to the eUCP to alerting managers to important current trends and issues in standby and demand guarantee practice. Customized banking law seminars and programs can be on any level, from training for customers, new employees, senior employees, attorneys, or management.

They include:

  • Drafting workable standby letters of credit
  • Drafting workable demand guarantees
  • Using ISP98
  • Working with USP98, UCP600, and URDG 758 in standby and demand guarantee practice
  • Risks in standby and demand guarantee operations
  • Risks in commercial LC operations
  • Implementing the changes to SWIFT MT760
  • Combatting Commercial Fraud
  • Trade Fraud Training
  • High Yield or Prime Bank Scams
  • Government Mandated Standbys
  • ISP98 Model Forms
  • Letter of Credit Practice and Law for attorneys


To begin setting up your customized seminar or training, please contact or call 301-869-9840.