Annual Letter of Credit Survey Preview

Annual Letter of Credit Survey Preview

Charlotte Annual LC Survey - What to Expect

IIBLP's flagship event the Annual Survey of Letter of Credit Law & Practice returns to Charlotte, NC on March 15-16, 2018. The Annual LC Survey continues to be a global forum dedicated to letters of credit, now approaching its 30th year. Bringing together a unique mix of bankers, lawyers, and corporates, each year the event series is attended by delegates from hundreds of different institutions, and attracts top level experts for panelists.

This year's dynamic program features emerging trends (think Blockchain, XLCs), letter of credit practice issues (Factoring, SWIFT MT700), and plenty of information gleaned from recent court cases to help avoid litigation. Let's take a closer look at some of the panels:

LC and Trade Finance Topics Covered in Depth:

Digitization and the Future of LCs (Day 1)

With emergent technologies such as Blockchain, and increasing growth in FinTech, it's important to stay on top of the trends. This panel will delve into the prominent trends and keep you in the loop. Perhaps none of us can make accurate predictions about whether a new technology will usurp traditional commercial LCs, but at least we can be as prepared as possible for the next big thing - or next big flop...

   • Unlocking Blockchain for Trade

       - What are the current issues for implementation?

       - What is the likely impact?

        - Who is pushing for it?

   • Fintech: What is it? What impact will it have for trade?

   • Revision of the eUCP: who wants it? Is this an end run around revision of UCP600?

   • URBPO: Can a revision of the rules breathe life into BPO?

   • TT Reimbursement: Is it a bank to bank reimbursement? Deutsche Bank

ICC Opinions (Day 1)

A new year, new ICC Opinions. With the Revision of UCP600 off the table, ICC Opinions will be analyzed with perhaps even more scrutiny. This panel will review the 2017 Final Opinions and preview 2018 Draft Opinions. The most significant and contentious will be highlighted, including:

  •Dishonour of electronically generated customs export declaration because not authenticated: TA865 (Nov. 2017)

   • Calculation of maturity date: TA 871 (Nov. 2017)

   • Tolerance and total: TA875 (Nov. 2017)

   • Government required certificate of origin: TA864 (Nov. 2017)

   • Short shipment in 8 containers: TA869 (April 2017)

Trade Based Financial Crime Compliance (Day 2)

With compliance requirements ever on the rise, it seems a daunting task to remain compliant within a multitude of regimes. This panel is dedicated to unraveling some of the mysteries surrounding compliance in trade, focusing on major issues. (For a  briefing on Trade Based Financial Crime Compliance, read our short primer.)

   • TBFCC Certification: What you should know

   • BAFT’s TBML Report & Wolfsberg Group Paper: Key Findings & Reactions

   • Correspondent Banks: Reviewed

   • Is Import Financing an issue for Trade?

   • What documents matter? Examination under TBFCC vs. UCP600?

   • Wing Fai: LCs used to pay but no goods delivered: What should an issuer do to check?

   • What are customers doing to circumvent Compliance?

   • False B/Ls issued by NVOCCs

   • What tools are banks using?

   • Are you checking all B/Ls for North Korean port activities of vessels? Why and How?

These three panels represent only a portion of the topics to be covered at the upcoming Annual LC Survey. To view the full brochure featuring the schedule and invited panelists, click the button below. Don't miss your chance to save $100 off individual price by registering before February 15th.  Join the active discussion at this year's premier LC event!

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