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Institute of International Banking Law & Practice

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Currently, DCW continues its expanded coverage of Standby Letters of Credit and Demand Guarantees, Trade Based Financial Crime Compliance, ICC opinions, FinTech, URDG 758, the ISP98 Model Forms Project, and UCP600. Each DCW issue features expert analysis of these areas. As an LC or guarantee specialist, you are sure to gain added understanding of critical elements of these trade products from a new perspective.

Banks large and small, law firms, corporations, and educational institutions around the world rely on DCW each month for the latest news and statistics relating to trade finance. Subscribers include: JPMorgan, Standard Chartered, HSBC, ING, Scotiabank, Credit Suisse, Citi, Bank of America, Howse Williams Bowers, University of Essex School of Law, University of Navarra, Jincheng Tongda & Neal, Clyde & Co, and over 300 other institutions.


DCW is provided almost exclusively electronically. Special requests for paper will be considered.

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Newly Decided LC & Guarantee Cases

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  • Bills of Lading in Commodity Trade O’Brien and Madan on the Current Setting and Future Direction (DCW Jun 2019, P. 17)  Preview

DCW Additional Resources & Polls

  • Lifetree Trading v. Washakie : Appellate Brief (Apr 2019) Preview
  • Invoices as Required Documents under Standbys (JulAug 2018) Preview
  • What Would You Do with It? (Oct 2017) Preview
  • Southeast Asia's War on Expiry(Oct 2017) Preview
  • 2017 ABA/ABA Financial Crimes Enforcement Conference: Executive Summary Preview
  • Bitumen Case Summary  (May 2017) Preview
  • Case Classics: Foreign Venture (Nov/Dec 2015) Preview
  • HNB Case Summary – Michigan Statute (May 2015) Preview
  • China New Era (2010) - Concurring Opinion (Sept 2014) Preview
  • Responses to Specific ISBP 2013-Provisions (Jul/Aug 2014) Preview
  • Additional Comments Regarding ISBP 2013 (Jul/Aug 2014) Preview
  • LC Forgeries Survey Appendix C Responses to Open Ended Questions Preview

The Readers Speak

  • Should Discounts be Re-Added to the CIF Amount to Determine Insurance Cover? (Mar 2015) Preview
  • Commercial and Similar LC Statistics (Sept 2009) Preview

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DCW Editorial Advisory Board - Emeritus Members (years active)

  • Sue E. Auerbach (DC) ( 1997-2016)
  • Alan Bloodgood (retired, J.P. Morgan) ( 1997-2016)
  • Harold Burman (Senior Counsel, Office of Legal Adviser, US Department of State) ( 1997-2016)
  • Joseph Colleran (retired, Irving Trust) ( 1997-2016)
  • Gary Collyer (Collyer Consulting LLP) ( 1997-2016)
  • Philip J. De Chiara (retired, Wells Fargo Bank) ( 1998-2016)
  • Professor E.P. Ellinger (National University of Singapore) ( 1997-2016)
  • Dr. Gerold Herrmann (retired, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) ( 1997-2016)
  • Heinz Hertl ICC Austria (retired, Bank Austria/Creditanstalt, Vienna) ( 1997-2016)
  • George Hisert (retired, Bingham McCutchen LLP) ( 1997-2016)
  • Dean Rafael Illescas Ortiz (University Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)) (1997-2020)
  • Professor Boris Kozolchyk (National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade) ( 1997-2016)
  • Stanley L. Lane, Jr. (Of Counsel Otterbourg P.C. NY) ( 1997-2016)
  • Arthur Lloyd (retired, Control Risks, Ltd.) ( 1997-2016)
  • Professor Yorng-Won Pae (retired, University of Seoul, Korea) ( 1999-2016)
  • Jianbao Shan (retired, Executive Vice President China Everbright Bank, China) ( 1999-2016)
  • Martin Shaw (retired, Barclays and Lloyds, London) ( 1997-2016)
  • Angelo J. Schiraldi (retired, IntesaBci, NY) ( 1997-2016)
  • Joseph Sommer (NY) ( 1997-2016)