FinCEN to Amp up Info Sharing with Program Launch

FinCEN to Amp up Info Sharing with Program Launch

FinCEN to Bolster Public-Private Cooperation

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury, has taken a major step toward strengthening public-private partnership in efforts to combat financial crime with launch of FinCEN Exchange.

“FinCEN Exchange will bring together law enforcement, FinCEN, and different types of financial institutions from across the country to share information that can help identify vulnerabilities and disrupt terrorist financing, proliferation financing and other financial crimes”, said US Department of the Treasury Under Secretary Sigal P. Mandelker in announcing launch of the program on 4 Dec 2017 in National Harbor, Maryland.

In her keynote address at the ABA/ABA Financial Crimes Enforcement Conference in which she introduced FinCEN Exchange, other noteworthy remarks delivered by Under Secretary Mandelker:

Increased Transparency of Regulations

“We don’t want you to have to guess what our expectations are. Being very clear is something that I have emphasized repeatedly and it is an ethos that has been important to [Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence] since its beginning. And so you will continue to hear from us on a wide range of fronts.”

“As part of FinCEN Exchange, we will convene regular briefings – approximately once every 6-8 weeks – with law enforcement, FinCEN, and financial institutions to exchange targeted information on priority illicit finance threats.”

“Participation is voluntary, of course, but I think our AML system is so much stronger when we work together. And let me be absolutely clear – this program is not intended to add a regulatory burden on your financial institutions. We are not imposing any new requirements. To the contrary, we think this type of information sharing will strengthen your compliance programs by enhancing your ability to focus on high priority issues.”

You can find the full text of Under Secretary Sigal Mandelker's speech at the American Bankers Association & American Bar Association Financial Crimes Enforcement Conference here.

Additional Compliance Resources

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