Letter of Credit Law Summit

Letter of Credit Law Summit is an annual event like none other in the world, featuring top legal experts examining the finer points of Letter of Credit law and their implications for LC practice going forward. Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to tap into the minds of leading Letter of Credit figures and gain valuable insights that will help your  day-to-day work, as well as the bottom line.

A new panel on the agenda for this year is the Legal Counsel's Corner, where top LC & Guarantee lawyers will address specific topical scenarios and offer opinions on the matter at hand. Specific scenarios include:

-Structured/Synthetic LCs: What should counsel consider in advising whether and how to act?

-Sanctions Update: The latest on Russia and Iran

-Role and Responsibility of Issuing in Syndicated LCs

-How to treat Unsound ICC Opinions

Register now for the LC Law Summit and the Standby & Guarantee Forum to join the active discussion this October 26-27! Attending both events? Bankers and Bank Lawyers receive a steep discount: attend both events for $800!

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