DCW Presents: LC Statistics

DCW Presents: LC Statistics

LC Statistics Spotlight

Each year, DCW produces quarterly LC statistics, displaying and ranking commercial LC, Standby and Guarantee activity for US banks and Non-US Banks with domestic branches.

Using these statistics, we've put together a series of graphics depicting two different sets of data: the Top 10 Banks for LCs (within the past year), and the highest growth in total outstanding LCs within a year. Where does your bank rank?

US Banks

lc statistics

lc statistics

Non-US Banks with US Branches

lc statistics

lc statistics growth

Notable Growth in LCs

Bank of Nova Scotia NY enjoyed the greatest jump among Non-US banks from 2Q16 to 2Q17 when it moved from 44th place to 12th place, though it didn’t quite crack the top 10. Its total LC stats in 2Q16 of 475,128 increased to 4,990,013 at the close of 2Q17, a gain of 4,514,885 LCs.

East West Bank was reported to have the greatest increase of total LCs between 1Q16 and 1Q17 from 1,254,590 to 1,689,022. The 434,432 LC difference boosted its ranking from 29th place to 23rd place.

Notable Declines in LCs

On the other end of the spectrum, DCW reported that Deutsche Bank NY Branch showed the greatest decline in LC activity from 2Q16 to 2Q17 when its LC stats reportedly went from 15,769,101 to 11,994,791.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA experienced the greatest decline in LC activity for US banks from 1Q16 to 1Q17. LC stats in 1Q2016 reached an impressive 47,224,000, landing it in 3rd place. Although still in 3rd place in 1Q2017, the amount of LC activity was down by a significant 3,541,000, ending the year at 43,683,000 outstanding.

Where does your bank rank? For the full range of LC statistics, subscribe to Documentary Credit World for its quarterly letter of credit statistics report.

For a snapshot of LC Statistics from Q4 2015, click here.

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