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First published in 1997, DCW is the longest running trade finance publication, relied on by more than 1,100 specialists worldwide. With a global advisory council and a rotating cast of prominent contributors, DCW keeps you in the know on the issues that matter most to your daily work. Take Take a look at a sampling of premium content from the May 2016 issue!

DCW May 2016 Content

Sea Containers: A Primer for Today's Trade Finance Banker - DCW's featured article offers valuable insights for today's LC specialists grappling with heavier compliance burdens and ever-present fraud threats. What is a reefer container? How much do they weigh? Why do container numbers have codes and digits? Knowledge is power and can go a long way toward detecting problems.

ICC Banking Commission Meeting Report - Whether or not you were present in South Africa two months ago for the ICC's 2016 Annual Meeting, DCW's executive summary serves as a useful record of the discussions that took place, including what delegates had to say on the conference floor about the latest set of ICC Opinions.

Perpetual LC Expiration - What court recently held that a perpetual LC does not expire until the beneficiary consents to its expiration? What was the actual text of the LC in dispute? DCW's Litigation Digest reports on this case, drawing from a pertinent related decision from 15 years ago.

DCW also contains

  • Updates which report on current news and track emerging trends and developments
  • Statistics on LC values for banks
  • Scam Survey on efforts to expose and prosecute fictitious instrument activity,
  • Information Digest on key findings from other reports on the industry,
  • Readers Speak which addresses leading questions submitted to DCW, and other coverage impacting operational issues, risk areas, legal developments, and compliance matters.

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