October 2017 Events

On October 26th &amp 27th, the annual Standby & Guarantee Forum, and the Letter of Credit Law Summit will return to New York City to round out the IIBLP 2017 event calendar. This year the events will be graciously hosted by Mayer Brown, LLP in their Manhattan offices. Don't miss the gold standard in trade finance events!

These unique conferences bring together prominent local, regional and international experts in the banking, legal, corporate, and regulatory sectors. Both events present a singular learning and networking opportunity for panelists and delegates alike.

Stay tuned for the forthcoming event brochure which will detail the full schedule as well as invited panelists. Bankers and Bank Lawyers receive a significant discount on these events.

For more about the Standby and Guarantee Forum, see our updated post here. For more on the LC Law Summit click here to read the panel spotlight on the "Legal Counsels Corner".


Projected Standby & Guarantee Forum topics:

    • Classification of Undertakings (dependent vs. independent)

    • Standards of Compliance

    • SWIFT MT 760 Format Revised

    • Injunctions, Standards, and Enjoining Counter Undertakings

    • Recent Standby and Demand Guarantee Court Cases


Projected Letter of Credit Law Summit topics:

  • LC Terms in a Contract: Considerations

  • Duties of a Nominated Bank

  • Post Honor Remedies

  • Confirmations

  • Key LC Court Cases

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