UCP600: An Analytical Commentary Updated for 2018

UCP600: An Analytical Commentary Updated for 2018

UCP600: An Analytical Commentary Receives Massive Update

UCP600: An Analytical Commentary is often referred to as the authoritative user's guide to UCP600. With a new 2018 Supplement, this veritable dictionary of the UCP now includes several years worth of developments in LC law and practice. The 2018 Supplement features up to date ICC Opinions, key court cases, and other developments impacting the UCP rules since the release of UCP600: An Analytical Commentary in 2010.

About UCP600: An Analytical Commentary 

UCP600: An Analytical Commentary, for those who are not familiar, is the 1,500 page tome analyzing each article of UCP600 in an exhaustive, analytical manner. Taking into account the history of each article and tracing its development through prior versions of the UCP, the Analytical Commentary is the ultimate research guide to the rules. Practice rules such as ISP98 and URDG758, as well as legal systems (US UCC Article 5, UN LC Convention, Chinese LC Rules) and how they compare and interact with UCP600 factor into the article-by-article analysis.

In the words of it's authors, the Commentary "will be of use to the staff in any such organization that applies for a letter of credit, is the beneficiary of a letter of credit, issues, confirms, or acts as a nominated bank and their legal counsel, whether internal or external. It will also be of assistance to any coapplicant or surety. The volume is also designed to be of assistance to judges and their clerks who are attempting to wend their way through the mysteries of UCP600."

Why Update?

For currently active users of UCP600: An Analytical Commentary, the 2018 Supplement is a must to keep the volume current. The prior update from 2014 is superseded by the current version, which is available as a softbound book or an eBook. With 4 years worth of updates to LC law and practice, including ICC Opinions, cases, comparisons to ISBP and more, the Supplement makes working with UCP600 as much easier task.

More Details

For new purchasers of UCP600: An Analytical Commentary, the 2018 Supplement comes free with your orderUCP600: An Analytical Commentary is authored by Professor James E. Byrne, with Soh Chee Seng, Vincent Maulella, and Alexander Zelanov.

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