Trade Finance Materials

Here you will find a number of free materials relating to IIBLP's work in trade finance and financial crime compliance . Since much of our work deals with commercial LCs, standby LCs, demand guarantees, and trade based financial crime compliance, much of what you'll find below relates to these topics. If you attended an IIBLP trade finance event and are looking for a specific presentation, start here. If you came from Documentary Credit World to see recently decided LC and guarantee cases, scroll down. Also, remember to visit the IIBLP Shop for a number of key publications, as well as to register for future events.

IIBLP Event Presentations & Documents

2021 Events

Trade Finance Compliance Conference (London Online)

2020 Events

Trade Finance Compliance Challenges with China's New Export Control Law 

2020 Americas & Europe Annual Trade Finance Compliance Conference

2020 America & EU Online Survey

2019 Events

2018 Events

2017 Events

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