ISP98 Model Forms:

    The most practical tool available for standby LC practice

    ISP Forms

    They were designed by a team of standby bankers and attorneys and are aligned with ISP98 (ICC Publication No. 590), the most widely used rules for standbys. The Forms not only propose text but in extensive endnotes explain why, indicate alternatives, and address collateral issues and problems, often proposing text.

    The Institute of International Banking Law & Practice (Institute) began releasing these long anticipated ISP98 Model Forms on 15 May 2012. The Forms are expected to set the standard for sophisticated standby letters of credit, a market in excess of USD 600 billion in the United States and conservatively estimated at USD 1.5 trillion globally. They are particularly intended to help standby users, including their regulators, to develop sound, workable, and appropriate texts for standbys in light of specialized standby practices and laws worldwide and can also be used for demand guarantees subject to ISP98. Click on titles below to download the Forms freely.