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Institute of International Banking Law & Practice

UCP600: An Analytical Commentary

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  • Extensive examination of each article and sub article of UCP600.
  • Discussion of the prior history of each article tracing its development through prior versions of the UCP.
  • Reference to ICC Banking Commission Opinions and legal cases from around the world relevant to each article.
  • Reference to other rules of practice (ISP98, URDG) and legal systems (US UCC Article 5, UN LC Convention, Chinese LC Rules) relevant to each article.
  • Comprehensive index and appendices.

  • Anyone dealing with UCP600
  • LC and Guarantee Bankers
  • Lawyers dealing with trade finance, LCs, or Guarantees
  • Corporates who use UCP600

This volume is regularly updated to ensure that it includes reference to newer ICC Opinions, local and national laws, and other relevant changes in LC and standby/demand guarantee practice. The 2018 UCP600 Analytical Commentary Supplement will be included in this purchase free of charge.


Professor James E. Byrne, Vincent M. Mauella, Chee Seng Soh, Alexander Zelenov

Type of Product: Hardback Book + 2018 Supplement


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